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Work Place Accidents

Oil Field Accidents

Like premises liability or slip and falls, oil field accidents involve intense investigations, with a more fact rigorous investigation. Explosions, fires, falls from equipment, hands or fingers jammed between equipment, are all too common in South Texas.  The issue usually doesn’t lay with the injured worker, the problem is frequently with workers being overworked or companies not properly training the employees.  There are many companies that do not follow federal or state guidelines, which are in place to ensure the safety of workers.  This can result in major injuries to employees or third parties.

What makes it even more complicated is oil drilling sites tend to have numerous contracts with various companies, all of which operate on one site. That’s when the finger pointing begins each to absolve themselves from liability.  Finding where the issue began and creating a distinct and clear line to the actual wrong involves good work.  We have handled oil field accidents ranging from shattered fingers to wrongful deaths.  Knowing how to navigate is crucial in your case.  Speak with an experienced personal injury attorney to get the answers to your questions.   Call us anytime to 210-547-0505.

Construction Accident

Construction accidents are unfortunately too familiar in South Texas. A roofer is working at a job site and steps on an unnailed board, causing him to plummet two floors down. The fall results in a severe injury, or even death.  The high demand in homes due to the pandemic created greed in builders, general contractors, and independent contractors. It has paved the way for many construction workers to be overworked and cutting corners when it suited them.  This ensured they maximized one thing, their pocket, while leaving so many injured victims with no compensation or recourse.

Many construction accident cases are very fact intensive. Whose responsibility was it to supervise the workers?  Did the owner of the company enforce proper safety procedures?  Was the proper safety equipment made available to their employees?  Was there another company responsible for the negligent acts that caused injuries to the victim?  Doing good work requires a thorough investigation into every construction accident case, from meeting with the clients and going over diagrams to even hiring private investigators or experts to do site inspections.  Having the right attorney who understands the complexities involved ensures that your injuries don’t go unanswered.

We have extensive experience handling construction accident cases, from a roofer who fell two stories down due to faulty framing, to the roofer that was not provided a safety harness to do his job. Don’t wait for the evidence to disappear. Call us at 210-547-0505.


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No two cases are ever the same, that is why we, here at The Cantú Law Firm, take every case personally. We strive to keep our clients informed of any updates with their cases and are dedicated to ensuring our client’s current and future needs are taken care of.

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